Tabe Burka- Ethiopia- Natural Heirloom

Whole Bean:

Flavor: Honey, strawberry, mango, apricot & jasmine
Cupping score: 88
Origin: Ethiopia 
Region: Guji
Producer: Barkume
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1850 MASL
Roasted for: Filter - Light roast



Uraga coffee, named after the district where it is harvested, belongs to the Guji appellation. This famous coffee is produced in the orchard, in an area where the culture of coffee is ancient. The fertile lands of the Ethiopian highlands here support a polyculture agricultural system that allows farmers to combine food crops and coffee on their same plots. Uraga coffee, selected by the exporter Barkume, offers a particular cup profile made with a nice sweetness and floral notes very present. 

The exporter Barkume started his activities in coffee more than 20 years ago. The company is based in Addis Ababa and manages farms in the Guji appellation, on 4 main sites, with 4 washing stations. Barkume also works with more than 700 farmers from whom coffee is collected and then processed at various sites. The company is currently managed by Tadesse Edema. Tadesse's father, like his grandfather before him, was already involved in the coffee trade. Tadesse has 29 brothers who, like him, grew up in coffee and all remained deeply attached to this product.