Nestor Lasso- Colombia- Natural Sidra Bourbon

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Sidra is a new hybrid varietal, made of Red Bourbon and Typica that combines characteristics of both of these two varieties. The sweetness and the body of Red Bourbon and the bright taste and acidity of Typica. The Sidra variety is one of the most complex varieties that exist and is called “Next Geisha”.  Expect a clear, floral cup with rich sweetness, very refreshing acidity and cloudberry jam finish


Flavor: Lavender, watermelon candy, rum & cloudberry jam
Cupping score 89.5
Origin: Colombia
Region: South Huila 
Producer: Nestor Lasso - Finca El Diviso 
Varietal: Sidra Bourbon
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1750 MASL 
Roasted for: Filter - Light roast


South Huila is one of the most famous coffee-producing regions in Colombia, it is part of the new Colombian coffee belt with many young people involved in its production with a curiosity for processes, improving benefits and new ways to go beyond the traditional fully washed Colombian coffee. The Huila region is located in the south-central part of the country. The region is well known for the quality and size of its coffee beans. It is a quality that has been awarded many times in recent national and international competitions. Despite this success, this is a coffee-growing region that has remained humble and authentic. The vast majority of producers run small farms, mainly covering between 1 and 5 hectares, with yields of between 10 and 15 bags of exportable coffee. The coffee industry recognises the high quality of the coffees produced in this region and has always encouraged fully washed coffee preparations, offering training opportunities to producers to further improve quality and consistency over time. Its soil and climatic conditions are the perfect combos to develop a very complex cup profile, with the main characteristic being acidity with citric notes as in our Limon coffee.

Finca El Diviso was run in the traditional way by the father, Jose Uribe, until a few years ago, when Jose Uribe's sons, Nestor and Adrian, went to study at a training centre in the city. With this learning, they innovated in their way of working with natural practices and new processes such as anaerobic fermentation. They started to produce traditional varieties such as Castillo, Colombia and Caturra in Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, and Geisha. This new lease of life has brought a new perspective on flavours and consistency in cup profiles



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