Ethiopia - Gesha Village Estate - Carbonic Maceration Natural Gesha - Oma Lot 28

SFr. 37
Whole Bean:

This exquisite coffee is full of complex flavours and super rare. Scored at 90.25, chosen by many to brew it in international competitions. Look for a balanced coffee featuring the deep sweetness of berries and complemented by spice notes of cinnamon and star anise

Tastes like: Sweet berries, cinnamon & star anise

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Bench Maji zone

Producer: Gesha Village Estate 

Farm: Oma Lot 28

Varietal: Gesha 1913

Process:  Carbonic Maceration Natural

Altitude: 1931-2040 MASL 

Roasted for: Filter

Roast dates: We roast our coffee daily! All weekly orders are dispatched twice a week Tuesdays & Fridays. On all of our coffee bags, we provide you with a roast date. To get the best out of our coffee we aim to rest it for 7-14 days after roasting (depending on the type of coffee), this allows for the flavors to open up, offering much more clarity to your cup. 



Gesha Village Story

Building the Coffee Farm of Our Dreams

In the far western reaches of Ethiopia, mere kilometres from the South Sudanese border, lie the dense, wildly sprouting jungles of the Bench Maji zone. It’s a place of stunning natural beauty, where from a high-extending plateau one can take in the expanse of the ancient, sprawling forest. This breathtaking landscape is home to Gesha Village Coffee Estate, the 471-hectare coffee farm we have built from the ground up over the last six years. This has been our labour of love, and we’re extremely proud to be producing coffees as awe-inspiring as our surroundings

Rachel Samuel—one half of our partnership—was born in Ethiopia, but we discovered the country anew when we came here in 2007 to make a documentary about Ethiopia’s amazing coffee. During this process, we developed a passion for the country, its people, and its coffee industry. That path quickly led us to Willem Boot, the San Francisco Bay Area-based coffee educator well-known for his passion for the Gesha variety. As Willem taught us the fundamentals of growing and evaluating coffee with a quality focus, the shadow of Gesha loomed large over our conversations

Developing Gesha Village has been a humble story of revival, community, and innovation. We know this is truly just the beginning, though, and we’re excited to continue sharing this journey with the specialty-coffee community

Gesha 1913

This is a selection made from the diverse forest population that closely resembles the Panamanian Geisha. This selection was made by looking at the plant morphology, bean shape and size, as well as its cup profile

Representing 10% of our total farm production, these exquisite coffees are full of complex flavours and super rare. The rarities are the top coffee Gesha Village produces outside of our auction lots and are frequently chosen by internationally competing for baristas

Carbonic Maceration Natural process

This process involves fermenting freshly harvested coffee cherries in sealed tanks anaerobically with the addition of carbon dioxide. After this, the cherries are taken to dry on raised African beds as a natural process for approximately 33 days