Coffee Collection / Espresso 5 x 250g

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400mg Coffee Roastery Espresso Collection

Explore the selection of our Espresso coffees and try a wide variety of our single-origins & blends. Each coffee has been roasted and developed for the best flavour. This collection features a selection of 5 x 250g bags and is a perfect way to explore our Espresso family. All coffees are medium roast and work well with or without milk.

Suitable for: Espresso machine, Stovetop & French Press

What's included:

Burundi / Businde

Costa Rica / Finca Colima

Bali Indonesia / Toya Bungkah

Brazil / Muriqui

Colombia / Asocanafi

Roast date: On all of our coffee bags, we provide you with a roast date. To get the best out of our coffee we aim to rest it for 7-14 days after roasting (depending on the type of coffee), this allows for the flavors to open up, offering much more clarity to your cup. 





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