El Carmen Colombia / Decaf Filter

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Tastes: Nougat, Pears & Plums

Origin: Colombia

Region: Pitalito, Huila

Producer: El Carmen  

Varietal: Caturra, Castilo

Process: Washed, Sugarcane decaffeination

Altitude: 1400-2100 MASL

Suitable for: Aeropress, V60, Kalita, Chemex, French Press 

Roast date: On all of our coffee bags, we provide you with a roast date. To get the best out of our coffee we aim to rest it for 7-14 days after roasting (depending on the type of coffee), this allows for the flavors to open up, offering much more clarity to your cup. 



The sugarcane decaffeination process begins with the steaming of the coffee, increasing its porosity, beginning the hydrolysis of caffeine, which is usually bonded to salts and chlorogenic acid in the bean. The beans are then submerged in an ethyl acetate solvent until 97% of the caffeine is removed. Final steam is then used to lift residual traces of the compound. The ultimate residue which remains is ≥ 30 ppm, which is a level dramatically less than that of a banana!



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