Santa Maria

SFr. 9.50
Whole Bean:

This beautiful organic nano lot offers a delicate brew that delivers a clean balanced flavour with complex tropical and floral notes, a true Geisha coffee experience


Flavor: Tropical notes, passion fruit, lemon, vanilla and rose
Cupping score: 88.5
Origin: Colombia
Region: Santander
Producer: Oscar Daza
Varietal: Geisha
Process: Honey
Altitude: 1600-2000 MASL
Roasted for: Filter - Light roast



This farm is certified Organic "Manos de Mujeres" translated to "Women Hands"

Santa Maria farm is entirely managed by women meaning the producer is a woman, the picking is done by women and the coffee is processed by women.

Oscar Daza, owner of Santa Maria farm in Aratoca (in the region of Santander). He took over the farms from his father José Rosario Daza. Oscar is at the head of 8 organic and bird-friendly certified farms, including the Santa Maria farm. He is the first in the region to finance his own organic certification, generally supported by the Federation and Oscar shares with us his convictions on production under shade and we count no less than 15 different shade tree species


Roast dates: We roast our coffee daily! All weekly orders are dispatched twice a week Tuesdays & Fridays. On all of our coffee bags, we provide you with a roast date. To get the best out of our coffee we aim to rest it for 7-14 days after roasting (depending on the type of coffee), this allows for the flavors to open up, offering much more clarity to your cup