Toya Bungkah Bali - Espresso

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Tastes: Dark chocolate, spicy & smoky cedar

Exotic, smooth and syrupy mouthfeel, bright and elegant acidity, Dark Chocolate with hints of smoky cedar notes. 

Suitable for: Espresso machine, Stovetop & French Press

Origin: Bali - Indonesia

Region: Kintamini - Mount Batur

Producer: Klasik Beans

Varietal: Red caturra, Timor hybrid, Line S, Typica

Process: Natural & Washed

Altitude: 900 - 1100 MASL

Roast date: On all of our coffee bags, we provide you with a roast date. To get the best out of our coffee we aim to rest it for 7-14 days after roasting (depending on the type of coffee), this allows for the flavors to open up, offering much more clarity to your cup. 


Klasik Beans Bali

All our Bali coffees come from the Kintamini plateau, situated in the centre of the island at the foot of Mount Batur. As it is the lowest altitude region in Indonesia, we decided to work with the Klasik Beans cooperative to develop a grade 1 micro lot for espresso. It is a blend of 70% semi-washed and 30% natural. Our coffee is processed exclusively by Yon, Klasik Beans' partner on the island of Bali, ensuring complete traceability for these preparations. 

Klasik Beans is a cooperative founded in 2008 by a group of producers in Puntang on the island of Java. The cooperative has set itself the objective of helping to preserve Indonesia’s cultural heritage through the creation of organic, sustainable, fair-trade coffees. Production must comply with good agricultural practices (nowadays almost 100% organic and fully shade-grown).

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